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Headphones. MIDI controllers. Studio monitors. Audio interfaces. You need a laundry list of musical gear to become a producer. 

And buying this gear is never easy. From complex technical specs to subjective performance and exorbitant prices, you have to factor in dozens of variables to buy the right equipment. Expensive gear often under-performs. And cheap equipment often surprises.

To make things easier, we've compiled all our reviews and best-of-lists on this page. Use it to find your next favorite pair of headphones, MIDI keyboard, or studio monitor.

Best MIDI Controllers and Keyboards

Our list of the best MIDI keyboards, controllers, and digital pianos on the market right now.

Best MIDI Keyboards (Overall)

Our list of the best MIDI keyboards on the market, regardless of the number of keys. Read Article

Best 49-Key Keyboards

We take a look at the best 49-key MIDI controllers on the market right now. Read Article

Best 88-Key Keyboards

Our guide to buying the best 88 key keyboards you can buy right now. Read Article

Best Ableton Controller

What are the best keyboards and controllers for Ableton? Check out our top picks. Read Article

Best Digital Pianos

An in-depth look at the best digital piano keyboards on the market. Read Article

Best MIDI Controllers for Logic Pro X

Our picks for the top MIDI controllers for one of the most popular DAWs around - Logic Pro X. Read Article

Akai MPK249 Review

Our review of Akai's top-of-the-line performance pick in the MPK series. Read Article

Alesis V49 Review

Great keyboard, good design, but missing key features. Good option for budget buyers. Read Article

Arturia KeyStep Review

Powerful arp/sequencer makes this a unique MIDI controller. See if it's right for you. Read Article

Akai MPK Mini MK2 Review

An in-depth look at one of the best portable controllers on the market. Read Article

Best 25-Key MIDI Controllers

An in-depth look at mini 25 key keyboards, including the ever popular Akai MPK Mini and MPK225. Read Article

Best Cheap MIDI Keyboard

What's the best MIDI keyboard if you have less than $100 to spend? Answers here. Read Article

The Best Mini MIDI Keyboards

Our guide to tiny keyboards that pack a mighty punch. Read Article

The Best MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio

Our guide to the best MIDI keyboards for FL Studio producers. Read Article

The Best Portable MIDI Keyboards

Our guide to the best portable MIDI keyboard for making music on the go. Read Article

The Best Yamaha Keyboards

Our guide to the best keyboards from Yamaha's stable. Read Article

The Best MIDI Keyboards for Pro Tools

Our guide to the best keyboards you can buy for Pro Tools. Read Article

The Best MIDI Controllers Cubase

Love Cubase? Then you'll love our list of the best Cubase MIDI controllers. Read Article

Best Headphones and Earphones

From studio headphones to cheap earphones for casual use, here's our pick of the best buys on the market right now

Best Studio Headphones

Need new headphones for your studio? Use this guide to make the right choice. Read Article

Best Open-Back Headphones

Light and airy, open back headphones deliver a great listening experience. Read Article

Best Bass Headphones

Need that loud, punchy bass? Make your pick with our list of the best bass headphones. Read Article

Best Headphone Stands

Use this guide to find the perfect stand for your headphones. Read Article

Best Studio Headphones Under $100

An in-depth look at the best studio headphones under $100 on the market. Read Article

Best Earbuds Under $50

Need cheap earbuds that don't compromise on performance? Read our pick of the best earbuds under $50. Read Article

Best Audio-Technica Headphones

What's the perfect pair of Audio-Technica headphones for you? Read this article to find out. Read Article

Other Equipment

From studio monitors to turntables, here's our pick of the best essential gear on the market right now.

Best Turntables (Under $1000)

Need to scratch your audiophiliac itch? These turntables under $1000 will help. Read Article

Best Studio Monitors (Under 200)

Studio monitors are essential for any home studio. Here are our best picks under $200. Read Article

Best DJ Controllers

Roll through the club with our pick of the best DJ controllers you can buy right now. Read Article

Best Budget DACs

A good DAC can make ordinary headphones sound great. Find our top picks in this guide. Read Article

Best USB Audio Interface

An audio interface is a must-have for music producers. Here's our pick of the best USB interfaces on the market. Read Article

The Best DJ Laptops

Modern DJing is all about software. Learn what's the best laptop to use this software in this guide. Read Article

Best DJ Mixers

You can't have a DJ setup without a mixer. Learn what's the best DJ mixer on the market right now. Read Article

The Best Drum Machines

Aspiring beatmaker? Hip-hop producer? These drum machines will make your work easier. Read Article

We regularly update this page with new reviews and buying guides. Keep checking back here for more!