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These lists cover the right equipment for buying musical equipment, ranging from studio headphones to MIDI keyboards. Use this advice when you're comparing equipment and considering new purchases.

Find the best controllers for Ableton in this comprehensive round-up and buying guide.

Discover the perfect studio headphones for your studio with this in-depth roundup.

Digital pianos are an expensive investment. Make the most of your purchase with this in-depth roundup of the 10 best digital pianos on the market right now.

best midi keyboard - akai mpk261

MIDI Keyboards are essential for any digital music production. Find the best MIDI keyboards in this roundup.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced pro, you can find the right DJ controller for you in this in-depth roundup

Turntables range greatly in both performance in price. Use this guide to find the best turntables under $1,000.

Buying earbuds can be a challenge, given the sheer quantity of options. Use this guide to find the perfect earbuds under $50.

Studio headphones don't have to break the bank. In this article, we've looked at some of the best studio headphones you can buy for $100.

Good headphones deserve to be displayed. Use this guide to find the best headphone stands for your studio headphones.