How Much Does A Recording Studio Cost To Hire? Price Ranges Compared

How Much Does A Recording Studio Cost To Hire 2022? Studio Time Prices Worldwide

Shopping around for a recording studio?

Obviously, there are studios across the world, and depending on what your requirements are, there might be studios in your locality that can meet your needs.

That said, the cost of studio time can vary quite a bit depending on where you’re recording. And if the financial outlay is going to be significant anyway, you want to make the most of that time, right?

In this guide, we explore how much hiring a recording studio costs, and compare various price ranges across the globe.

Best Free Music Production Software

Best Free Music Production Software 2022, Producers Can’t Be Without These!

It’s no secret that music producers require a lot of tools to get their work done.

Some do their work entirely “inside the box.” Some rely primarily on hardware and analog gear. Most producers these days mix and match.

There isn’t a right or wrong, it’s more a matter of what works for you. The more practiced and knowledgeable you are (relative to your gear), the more likely you’ll able to make amazing music with your rig.

But whether you’re looking to get started in sound engineering or augment your supply of music production software, you’ll be happy to know we’ve compiled plenty of free tools you’re going to love. So let’s get into our list of the best free music production software.

Should You Buy Soundcloud Followers? A Honest Answer

I keep getting asked this in comments and over email, so I figured I'd write a post and clear all doubts.

Should you buy SoundCloud followers

Or for that matter, should you “buy” followers on Instagram, Twitter, or any of the other popular social media services?

I'm going to give you two answers to this question. One will be the “right” answer – and the one you see paraded everywhere around online.

The other answer won't be right, but it will be true. It's what you should be doing, but no one will tell you.

So let's get down to business. …

What Equipment Do the World’s Top Music Producers Use?

When I first started my production career, I would obsess over what equipment my favorite producers were using.

I reckoned that if I could get my hands on the same equipment as them, maybe I too could sound like Moby or Tiesto. 

(Little did I know then that the only way to sound like my favorite producers was good 'ol hard work and talent.)

That early obsession, however, turned into a fascination with producers and the equipment they use. I've been tracking what headphones, keyboards, production software, synths, and monitors my favorite producers use.

That's exactly what I'm going to share in this post.

125 Best Music Blogs to Submit Your Music To

Last Updated on November 22, 2021

Update: The list of blogs was updated on July 3, 2020. I removed all inactive blogs and added newer, more active blogs. The current list has 125 blogs altogether. You can see the updated list below, or download a copy of the spreadsheet by filling 

When you’re starting out, one of your biggest challenges as a musician is getting heard.

It doesn’t even matter how good (or bad) you are; bloggers, influencers and tastemakers are just too inundated with requests to give you a listen.

For most musicians, the process to get heard goes something like this:

  1. Spend hours finding bloggers who will listen to your music
  2. Spend more hours categorizing blogs and finding email addresses.
  3. Spend even more hours building a relationship and crafting a pitch.

The good news is that I’ve taken care of step #1 and #2.

In this post, I’ll share a list of 125 different blogs that will listen to your music. This includes their contact details, Twitter and Soundcloud URLs, and my notes for submissions. I’ll also share my tips for pitching your tracks based on my experience as a musician and a marketer.

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