10 Best Free Drum Sample Packs 2021 – Super Realistic Drum Kit Sounds

10 Best Free Drum Sample Packs 2023 – Super Realistic Drum Kit Sounds

So, chances are you already have a sampler, drum rompler, or some other VST tool that allows you to work with your samples to make beats (or maybe you just import them all into your DAW). And you might even have a bit of a sample library building up already.

But it’s hard to find all-purpose sample packs, and there can easily be gaps in your library. You might need more high-quality sounds. You might need some lo-fi sounds. Maybe you could benefit from some sounds that cater to a specific genre, be it hip-hop or EDM. It could be that you need more variety.

In this guide, we look at several sample pack collections that’ll give you access to a ton more sounds, and help you enhance your beat-making efforts. Here they are.

35 Best Free Midi Files 2021 [& Websites To Download Them]

35 Best Free Midi Files 2023 [& Websites To Download Them]

Looking to download some sick MIDI files for free?

You can! And there are sites serving a variety of musical niches.

You wouldn’t necessarily want to download a MIDI file and pass it off as your own (that could get you in trouble – don’t break copyright laws). But let’s face it – covers and remixes are popular in every category of music and starting from scratch can slow down production.

So, in this guide, we’ll look at the best free MIDI files and websites where you can download them.

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