Music Gear Reviews

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Making music means investing in gear. Lots and lots of gear.

From keyboard controllers and studio monitors to audio interfaces and turntables, the list of gear you can buy is virtually unending. It's quite possible to blow a small fortune on gear and still not have a complete production studio.

As you can imagine, buying the right music gear can be difficult. You might know the ins and outs of a DJ mixer, but you might still be stumped by the specs on a compressor.

Which is why we've put together this page to collect all our gear reviews and lists in one spot.

Refer to it to know what DJ controllers to buy, what audio interfaces fit your needs, and which microphones are best for your home studio.

DJ Controllers & Mixers

Laptops are great, but to truly get the most out of the DJing experience, you need a competent hardware. Use the guides below to find the right controllers, mixers, laptops and other equipment for your DJing needs.

Best DJ Controllers (Overall)

The best DJ controllers in the market, regardless of price

DJ Controllers (Under $1,000)

The best DJ controllers below $1,000 money can buy

DJ Controllers (Under $500)

The best DJ controllers below $500 right now

DJ Controllers (Under $300)

Our top picks for DJ controllers priced below $300

DJ Controllers (Under $200)

The best DJ controllers priced under $200

DJ Controllers (Under $100)

Budget-friendly DJ controllers priced under $100

Best DJ Mixers

All our top-rated DJ mixers, regardless of price

Best DJ MIDI Controller

All our top rated MIDI controllers for DJing

Best DJ Laptops

Read this to find the perfect laptop for DJing

Best DJ Controllers for Scratching

If you want to be a scratch DJ, you'll love these controllers

Beginner DJ Controllers

Affordable DJ controllers for newbies

DJ Controllers for iPad

Easy-to-use iPad friendly controllers

Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is an essential component of any studio setup. Read these guides to find the right interface for your needs.

USB Audio Interface

Find the top USB-only audio interfaces

For Ableton

If you use Ableton, check out this list of interfaces

For Low Latency

Our picks for audio interfaces with low latency

For Home Studios

Home producers, read this to find the right interface

Under $500

Our top rated audio interfaces priced below $500

For Beginners

See our top-rated audio interfaces for beginners

For FL Studio

Our picks of the best audio interfaces for FL Studio

For Logic Pro X

Our favorite Logic Pro X audio interfaces

Other Gear

From microphones and monitors to XLR cables, this section lists our hand-curated studio gear across different categories:

Drum Machines

The best drum machines you can buy right now

XLR Cables

Our top-rated XLR cables for recording studios

Wireless Guitar System

The top-rated wireless guitar systems on the market

Condenser Mic (Under $200)

Our top-rated condenser mics under $200

Best Mics for Karaoke

Party up with these mics

Electronic Drum Set

Our top rated drum sets for beginners

Guitar MIDI Converter

Our picks for the best MIDI converters for guitar

Studio Monitors (Under $200)

Our hand-picked list of studio monitors below $200

Studio Subwoofers

Find the best subwoofers for your studio

Vocal Compressor

Take a better look at vocal compressors

Best Mic Preamps

Get cleaner audio with these preamps

Best Vocal Preamps

Preamps that work best for vocals

Best Computer Speakers (Under 100)

Top speakers without the hefty price

Budget Electronic Drum Kits

Affordable electronic drum kits


Check out our standalone reviews of studio gear below:

Akai MPD 218

The best budget beat maker around?

Music Gear: By DAW

If you're looking for gear specifically for your DAW, see these articles:

Best Laptop for Pro Tools

Check out our favorite Pro Tools laptops

Pro Tools Control Surfaces

Our favorite control surfaces for ProTools

Logic Pro Control Surfaces

The best control surfaces for Logic Pro

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Pro Tools Audio Interfaces

The best audio interfaces for Pro Tools


DAW Controllers (Pads, Keyboards, Control Surfaces)

Choose gear from this list if you want better control over your DAW.

Best MIDI Drum Pad

Our favorite drum pads

Best DAW Controller

DAW controllers to rein in the chaos

Best MIDI Guitar Controller

Turn your guitar into a MIDI controller

Best MIDI Pad Controller

If you want top-notch pads, look no further

Best Akai MPC

The top Akai MPCs ever made

Best Control Surfaces

Control surfaces for all DAWs

Best Electronic Drum Pads

Powerful pads for your drums

Mixers (Digital, Analog, DJ)

Our list of the best mixers for all use cases:

Best Digital Mixers

Our top digital mixers on the market

Best USB Mixer

Great mixers powered by USB

We keep updating this page with new reviews and lists. Check back soon to see our latest listings.