Music Gear Reviews

Making music means investing in instruments. This is virtually an endless category. Guitars, pianos, MIDI keyboards, drum kits make up just the basics; your collection can spill over to everything from xylophones to ethnic instruments like sitars. 

What kind of musical instruments you buy will, of course, depend on your musical tastes, skills, and chosen genres. You can’t make rock music without a guitar, and you can’t write Michael Botoneseque ballads without a piano in your music room.

Reviewing this vast range of musical instruments is obviously a challenge. Although I’ve sometimes called myself a “multi-instrumentalist”, my core expertise really lies in playing the guitar and piano. I can fiddle around with a set of drums, and I know enough theory to make sense of a mandolin, but I’m clueless around some of the more exotic instruments.

This is why on this site, I’ve so far focused on reviewing and listing instruments I understand: pianos, keyboards, MIDI controllers. 

You can see a list of these reviews, comparisons and top picks below.

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