Audio Interfaces

Last Updated on October 28, 2020 by Ryan Harrell

The audio interface is probably the most important piece of hardware in a modern studio.

After all, this is the piece of hardware that connects the analog, physical world with the digital world inside your computer. Without an audio interface, you’ll have a tough time plugging in a mic, MIDI keyboard, or guitar into your computer.

Connectivity is just one aspect of audio interfaces; you also need them to reduce your latency. While a number of things affect latency – including your computer’s specs – the audio interface has the biggest impact.

A good audio interface also has high quality mic preamps and robust signal processing to ensure that your recordings are the highest possible quality. The difference between a cheap $100 interface and a studio-grade $1000 interface is immense.

On this page, you can read all our audio interface reviews and lists. We’ve separated them by DAW, price, and need – just jump to the section you want below:


Based on their compatibility with different DAWs, here’s a closer look at some of the best audio interfaces on the market:

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Logic Pro

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FL Studio

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Pro Tools

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By Use Case

From home studios to live performances, here are our favorite audio interfaces for different needs

For Live Performance

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For Home Studios 

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Low Latency

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For Beginners

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