Audio Interfaces

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

The audio interface isn't the first thing people think about when they think about building their own studio.

After all, there is nothing sexy or exciting about audio interfaces. Even the best interface is just a dumb box that sits on your desk. It doesn't make for the most Instagram-worthy purchase – you can't jam out tunes on it, after all.

But if there is a single piece of equipment that has a massive impact on your studio performance, it is your audio interface.

As the conduit between your computer and external gear – MIDI keyboards, guitar, mics, etc. – the quality of the audio interface impacts the quality of your overall sound.

Get an audio interface with poor latency and sketchy fidelity and the entire recording will suffer. The gap of a few milliseconds in latency or a tiny bit of noise will transform a joyful production experience into a frustrating one.

The good news is that audio interfaces are becoming frighteningly competitive, even at low prices. A decade ago, you would have had to shell $500+ to get something that was worth recording on. Now, you can get extremely competent interfaces for under $200 – and still have change.

On this page, we've compiled all our articles about audio interfaces. Use this page to find the right audio interface for you based on your needs, budget, or DAW.

Best Audio Interfaces: By Features

From USB interfaces to low latency offerings, here are the best audio interfaces on the market right now, sorted by features:

USB Audio Interfaces

Our favorite USB-powered audio interfaces

Low-Latency Interfaces

Audio interfaces that win the latency battle

Best Audio Interfaces: By Use Case

Whether you want an audio interface for your home studio or live performance, our roundups below have you covered:

For Home Studios

The best audio interfaces for home studios

For Beginners

Beginner-friendly, affordable audio interfaces

For Live Performance

Check out these interfaces for live gigs

Best Audio Interfaces: By DAW

If you're looking for the best audio interfaces for a specific DAW, refer to the articles below:

For Ableton

The best audio interfaces for Ableton

For FL Studio

Our selection of FL-ready interfaces

For Logic Pro

The best interfaces for Logic users

For Pro Tools

Professional-grade audio interfaces for studios

Best Audio Interfaces: By Price

If you're looking for interfaces below a certain price, refer to these guides:

Under $500

Mid-range interfaces under $500

We keep updating this page with new reviews and lists. Check back soon to see our latest listings.