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A website that’s only about reviewing music gear won’t be much fun, would it?

At MIDINation, we’ve always been interested in the issues and ideas that revolve around music. How much money musicians make, what they search for, and heck, even the benefits of music as per science. 

We’ve got a lot of content on these topics on the blog, especially about promoting your music. But there are some articles that aren’t really a good fit for the blog.

For that content, we’ve got this page.

On this page, we’ve compiled some of our best content on topics as varied as the average incomes of musicians and “normal” people, scientifically backed studies on the benefits of music, and more.

Check out the articles below:

The 2017 version of our annual evaluation of the world's richest musicians and average salaries. Find out how quickly Beyonce, Diddy, and Metallica make a nurse or truck driver's salary

How quickly do the world's richest musicians make average salaries? We looked at the world's wealthiest musicians in 2016 and compared their income with average jobs such as nurses and drivers.

Music is great and all, but how does it really impact your health and well-being? I looked at the latest scientific evidence in this in-depth article.