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A website that's only about reviewing music gear won't be much fun, would it?

At MIDINation, we've always been interested in the issues and ideas that revolve around music. How much money musicians make, what they search for, and heck, even the benefits of music as per science.

We've got a lot of content on these topics on the blog, especially about promoting your music. But there are some articles that aren't really a good fit for the blog.

For that content, we've got this page.

On this page, we've compiled some of our best content on topics as varied as the average incomes of musicians and “normal” people, scientifically backed studies on the benefits of music, and more.

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Highest Paid Musicians vs Average Salaires

For the last three years, we've been comparing the earnings of the world's top paid musicians against average salaries for common jobs such as “truck driver”, “elementary school teacher”, “software engineer”, and “musician”.

We do this for two reasons:

  • We want to map how incomes have progressed (or not) for common professions
  • We want to highlight the growing inequality between the “1 percent” of musicians and average workers

You can read our annual reports and infographics below:

The 2016 Report

The world's top-paid musicians in 2016 vs average salaries

The 2017 Report

Top-paid musicians in 2017 and their earnings compared to you

The 2018 Report

The world's richest musicians in 2018 and average wages

Resources for Musicians

What blogs should you get in touch with if you want to promote your music? Should you buy Soundcloud followers? What equipment do top musicians use?

Find some answers here.

Top Music Blogs

101+ music blogs that will listen to your music, all arranged in a spreadsheet

The Producer's Products

What gear do the world's top producers use? Find the answers in this post

Buy Soundcloud Followers: Yay or Nay?

This article seeks to answer a single question. The result might surprise you.


What are the benefits of music? What do Google users think of EDM?

Find answers to a ton of questions in this section:

Is EDM Dead?

We use Google Autocomplete to answer this question

The Benefits of Music

All the latest academic research on the many benefits of music, in one spot


All our infographics, in one spot:

Highest-Paid Musicians vs Average Salaries [2018]

Highest-Paid Musicians vs Average Salaries [2017]

Highest-Paid Musicians vs Average Salaries [2016]

What Music Equipment Do Top Producers Use?

We keep updating this page with new reviews and lists. Check back soon to see our latest articles.