Headphones: Reviews, Best Picks, and Buying Guides

I’ve always been fascinated by the way people buy headphones. You can either be completely indifferent to their quality, picking up the cheapest Sonys at Best Buy. Or you obsess over them enough to spend a small fortune. There is seldom any middle ground. You either obsess over them, or you don’t care about them at all.

What is it about headphones that invites such intense obsession?

I attribute it to the immense variation in quality. A pair of $10 headphones share the same underpinnings as a $500 pair. Yet the difference in engineering and quality of materials can yield an entirely different listening experience.

I think of it as cars. The cheapest Hyundai and the fastest Ferrari share the same fundamentals in their engineering – an engine, a suspension, four wheels. But the performance and driving experience is night and day.

Because of this immense variation, buying headphones can be a massive challenge. You can’t always tell how a pair will actually perform given its price. I’ve seen $200 headphones underwhelm and $20 headphones over-deliver. Add in variables such as design and build quality, and you have the perfect ingredients for customer confusion.

I hope to resolve some of the confusion on this page. From the cheapest headphones to the most expensive audiophile gear, I’ll cover headphones – and their accessories – for every customer and every need. I’ll also share buying guides and help you decide which is the right set for your needs. Refer to this page any time you need help buying your next audio obsession.

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