20 Top EDM Blogs You Need to Add to Your Reading List

Want to discover some new EDM blogs to your reading list? We've got 20 great blogs for your blog reader.

Electronic dance music contains quite a lot of subgenres. It is used in nightclubs, raves, festivals, and many other events that are focused on the art of dance.

EDM got very popular in the European continent during the 2000s. During this period, the dance music saw worldwide fame and acceptance thanks to the push of social media sites such as Soundcloud and YouTube.

Today, these music blogs are increasingly becoming popular and widely used. This music genre is continuing to grow, evolve, and expand.
If you are a disc jockey, music producer, or enthusiast that loves electronic dance music, blogging would be ideal. So check out our list of the top EDM blogs available on the internet today.

10 Best Slide Guitar Songs to Ever Hit the Airwaves

Looking for the best slide guitar songs ever written? You're in the right place! Read on to discover some of the greatest pieces of songwriting on the slide guitar.

Not satisfied with the state of things, several guitar players have, over the years, looked for ways to make playing the guitar even more difficult. Some of the popular styles that we have seen over the years include playing the guitar over the head, with the teeth, with others' teeth, behind their back, and so on.

While several of these are novelties and quickly went the way of the dodo, slide guitar was and continues to be a popular way to play. In this post, we present some of the slide guitar songs that every music lover must absolutely know.

25 Shortest Songs Ever Released Commercially, All Under 2 Minutes

What are the shortest songs ever to hit the airwaves commercially? Find out in this article.

In the world of modern music, it is very difficult to find commercial songs that are successful and last less than two minutes. Thinking of songs that last less than a minute is almost impossible. The average duration of a song is between 3 and 4 minutes and has been decreasing recently.

However, according to a study by the news portal Quartz, the songs appearing on the Billboard charts are decreasing in duration. Before, 2013, we used to have songs of more than three minutes. But from 2018 till now, most songs don't exceed three minutes. It was established that in 2018, 6% of the songs had an average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds and less.

Today, there are many songs that captivate us within a short time. Normally, these types of songs are by way of intros, intermediates, or musical oddities. In this article, you'll discover the best shortest songs ever. These are all songs under 2 minutes. Check them out!

The 8 Types of Brass Instruments You Should Know About

Discover all the different types of brass instruments in this post.

If you asked most people what brass instruments are, many would say that these are instruments made of brass. How would you answer? Well, saying brass instruments are those made of brass isn't technically wrong and even sounds logical. However, a closer examination reveals that this is not absolutely true. After all, some woodwinds like the saxophone and clarinets are erroneously referred to as brass instruments.

In this post, we will discuss a selection of some of the most popular brass instruments that you should know about. Here we outline some of our thoughts and tips about these instruments.

10 Surprisingly Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated

Looking for easy piano songs that sound complicated? Look no further than our definitive list.

Have you ever being at a gathering and someone hears that you play the guitar, then asks you to play something for the audience? Even if you have been playing the piano for a long time, such a request might still make you feel queasy. You might not want to fumble, but at the same time, you would love to play a piece that would still wow your audience. Well, this post offers you a splendid solution.

Here are some surprisingly easy piano songs that sound complicated and would surely wow your audience.

AIFF vs FLAC: 8 Differences Between AIFF and FLAC

Between AIFF vs FLAC, what should you choose? Learn the major differences between these two formats here.

If you are an audiophile, you certainly take your music and music quality very seriously. There are several music file formats out there, and you might be confused about which of the formats to choose. AIFF and FLAC are two of the more common types of formats right now.

In this post, we will consider what these two file formats are and the differences between them. At the end of this AIFF vs FLAC article, you will determine which of the two formats you should choose.

24 Incredibly Easy Rock Guitar Songs Everyone Loves

Looking for easy rock guitar songs to practice in your next session? Look no further than this definitive list!

We know that you would like to go straight to the guitar solos, but one of the best methods to learn to play an instrument is to learn to play songs. Some songs are easier, or that have simplified numbers that have few notes. And there are more complicated songs.

In this article, we will see some easy rock guitar songs, picking from the pool of the many contemporary and classic rock music. These legendary rock riffs will get you moving as you practice!

Top 10 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar for Beginners

Try these easy Beatles songs on guitar – perfect for beginners and pros alike!

Learning to play the guitar is a nice mix of challenge and fun. There are several songs that can help you be an excellent player down the line and many songbooks contain different songs that any learner can master. Well, no songbook is completed without having some of the jams from the Beatles.

While their songs are generally not simple, certain parts are pretty easy for any beginner to learn and master. In this post, we will consider some of the most popular and easy Beatle songs to play on the guitar. You can even sing along!

Understanding the 9 Essential Elements of Hip Hop

If you're a fan of hip hop, you need to know the most important elements of hip hop and rap.

Hip-hop is not just a music style, but a culture that involves singers, poetry, and paintings. Everyone has heard of it, but do they all know what the hip-hop culture is? Some of the main elements of this urban culture are breakdance, rap, DJs, and graffiti. As we look to dissect each of these elements, we'll first see a short history of hip-hop and how it snowballed from house parties to the large concerts and hits we see today.

10 Famous Renaissance Composers Who Changed Music

The Renaissance period changed our culture fundamentally, but its impact on music was even bigger – as this list of famous renaissance composers shows.

The Renaissance period is generally classified to have taken place between 1400 and 1600. These 200 years were an incredible period in human history and advancement. It was a very vibrant period in which plenty of things happened that still have repercussions down to our day. Just consider some of the things that occurred in this period.

During this time, legends like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Botticelli, and Michelangelo were creating some of the most iconic and revered works of art. There were wars for supremacy among the nations of the age, like the War of Roses. Religion also had a drastic upheaval with the Protestant Reformation in full swing. Besides all of these, Renaissance composers were also making compositions that affect classical music that is enjoyed today.

In this post, we will discuss about ten of the most famous renaissance composers. You will certainly gain even more appreciation for these musical geniuses after reading about of top choices.

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