20 Top EDM Blogs You Need to Add to Your Reading List

Last Updated on March 18, 2022

Want to discover some new EDM blogs to your reading list? We've got 20 great blogs for your blog reader.

Electronic dance music contains quite a lot of subgenres. It is used in nightclubs, raves, festivals, and many other events that are focused on the art of dance.

EDM got very popular in the European continent during the 2000s. During this period, the dance music saw worldwide fame and acceptance thanks to the push of social media sites such as Soundcloud and YouTube.

Today, these music blogs are increasingly becoming popular and widely used. This music genre is continuing to grow, evolve, and expand.
If you are a disc jockey, music producer, or enthusiast that loves electronic dance music, blogging would be ideal. So check out our list of the top EDM blogs available on the internet today.

20 Top EDM Blogs

We've got a pretty big list of blogs that accept music submissions – refer to it if you want to share your music.

But if you just want to follow blogs and discover new music, these are some great EDM blogs:

1. Your EDM

Within eight years, Your EDM was established and found its foothold online. It has the largest number of resources visited and it is the most recognized online publication in EDM. With about 8 million monthly visits, YourEDM seeks to bring you the most up-to-date and timely news that relate to the EDM section.

Launched in Washington, with a growing staff of journalists, photographers, and videographers across the country, YourEDM is one of the best blogs with high-quality EDM content you can check out.


EDMTunes gives you the best possible content that the world of EDM has to offer. This is a unique EDM blog for people traveling as a couple.

It is also a good platform fоr аѕріrіng аrtіѕtѕ to prоmоtе thеіr muѕіc. The site оffеrs a platform tо audiences who wish to dіѕсоvеr new artistes аnd thе lаtеѕt from the EDM subgenre.

The blog site acts аѕ one ѕоurсе rеlіаblе for muѕіс dance news, tech, business, сеlеbrіtу, and for getting the latest trends.

The blog has sections for music submissions as well as a music merchandise store. It also lists out and reviews popular events such as concerts and festivals in major cities.

3. Run The Trар

Run the Trap is one of the most recognizable spots for the EDM music subgenre. The blog was created in July 2012 for bringing music content from underground music, Hi Hop, Club Music among others.

There are very few of those who post, and they also ensure that they only share the best quality on their website.

On the Run The Trар site, you will not only get your EDM music content, but you will also find other very little known types of music. The blog will also expose you to some of the cultures, fashion, and trends that exist in the music community.

4. thatDrop

thatDROP is an online publication dedicated to sharing useful information on electronic music, music festivals, electronic music news, and media culture.

It is run by passionate EDM fans and enthusiasts who focus on quality, original content, and community.

They differentiate from other types of music blogs in various ways. These include excellent content quality, unmatched website design, lots of content, and accessibility.

Its expert writers are concise and also among other things, give opinions and make moderations. The blog is intended for sharing electronic music and listening to composed news that are timely and relevant.

5. We Rave You

The We Rave You blog was founded in 2012. The site makes sharing and organizing of dancing between individual artists and record labels.

They are currently renowned as one of the most popular and trusted networks in dance music. They provide you with unmatched exclusive content and will keep you up to date with the information from the world of dance music.

6. Noiseporn

Noiseporn is your definitive guide to the world of dance music. It brings the latest on EDM news, interviews, has an EDM magazine section, and more. Noiseporn was started in 2008 as an exclusive site focused on underground dance music. Today, they have become a prominent place for music, technology, news, media, and more.

They are based in Tampa, Florida, and have offices in New York as well as writers in other cities throughout the US. They are also available on mobile devices; iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

7. Fact Magazine

Fact is one of the most popular and influential music publications on the internet, with the most comprehensive staff in the UK and the US. Fact makes its video content.

It was established in London in 2003 and features lots of cultures in the music world.

The magazine focuses on empowering creators of all types from the musical world. It's renowned for its right content in art, music, and culture.

They began creating their exclusive video event in 2012. This is made possible by their internal and global team of producers, directors, editors, and others.

8. This Song is Sick

This song is all about making it easier for you to discover new and sick things that you've never had before. So, you can stay home while you get access to amazing songs and let your ears revel in the joys of sick music from a huge variety of genres and musicians.

This Song is Sick works with record labels and musicians all around the world. They showcase a variety of fresh electronic, indie, alternative, and hip-hop music to their global followers. These followers include millions of enthusiasts and fans of music in more than 110 countries around the world.

9. Magnetic Magazine

This is an EDM culture site that features interviews and new music. Magnetic Magazine is the EDM-specialized e-zine that ties in with varied social, culture, style, and music content in a very well crafted URL.

Magnetic leaves people with all the information of what electronic music has been like.

Using the submission section, artists can be featured on Magnetic Mag. Writers, photographers, and agencies, can also make submissions to the site.

The site also sponsors tours and events. Music enthusiasts and students can also apply for internships with the magazine.

10. Beatport

Beatport is a first for disc jockeys. The site, started in 2004, just less than two decades after the internet started, has become a global home for DJs.

They provide a wide range of services to music labels and most importantly, DJs, who are focused on the subgenre of EDM as well as other music genres.

On the site, you can find dubstep, house, techno, trance, electronica, future bass, among other musical genres.

11. Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut offers more than EMD music. The site offers everything in the broad dance culture. Fans and enthusiasts looking for music news will find these by toggling the “Music Only” section. What's great with Dancing Astronaut is that you can easily personalize your user experience and the content you have access to.

In 2018, Billboard regarded this site as a voice for the world of EDM and this title remains relevant today.

12. UFO Network

UFO Network Top EDM Blog

UFO Network is a EDM blog and record label by Jacques Maurice Julie & Darren Johnathan Bezuidenhout.

Like many of the other sites on this list, you can get EDM music news, interviews and more.

As they’re a label, you can also get a first look at some of their new releases.

13. Daily Beat

The Daily Beat was established in 2012 and serves record labels and local artists with exclusive electronic dance content. It is focused on dance music, music festivals, and artist interviews.

The Daily Beat differentiates from its peers as it provides content with a good sense of humor always.

14. DJ List

DJ List isn't like most EDM sites. This site simply connects fans of electronic dance with top and random DJs from around the world.

The DJ List has an inconspicuous search engine wherein you can search for your favorite DJs by artist names, cities, and venues. You can also choose to discover more by making random searches.

Some of the top artists you can find on DJ List are Calvin Harris (in the electro house and progressive house, EDM and Pop categories), Martin Garrix (in the electro house, progressive house, and EDM/Pop categories), Skrillex (in the dubstep, trap, and bass categories.

Other popular DJs you can find on the platform are Diplo, David Guetta, Tiesto, Marshmello, Steve Aoki, Zedd, Hardwell, Major Lazer, and more. The site is probably the richest DJ database in the global music industry.

15. DJ Mag

A list of the best dance blogs is incomplete without the DJ Mag. This is a British site with quite a long history which dates back to 1991. With a presence in the electronic dance scene, the site has however weathered a lot of criticisms that help it be in the spotlight over the years. But it has endured it all and is here to stay.

16. EARMilk

Earmilk has a teeming global network of music journalists who cover virtually all aspects of modern music – asides from EDM and dance. On the site, you'll find a section known as the “Main Stage,” wherein you can find new, exclusive content.

On Earmilk, you can never be short of content. You'll find categories such as music, news, voices, video, reviews, features, series, and a store to get music-related merchandise.

17. EDM.com

EDM.com was founded in 2014, and as its brand and URL name suggests, it is primarily focused on electronic dance. In this subgenre of music, the site specializes in covering diverse topics that range from news, features, interviews, and tech and gear reviews.

Recently during the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, amid the lockdowns, EDM.com helped very the world entertained with EDM content as it rolled out series of electronic dance livestreams week in week out.

18. EDM Identity

Launched late in 2014, EDM is a relatively new blog in the EDM scene, albeit, a noble site. The blog site is known for its unique coverage of stories and music content in the field. It focuses on spotlights and unique interviews.

The EDM Identity focuses on the EDM culture in the United States and the rest of the world. The site offers festival tips, makes live streams, and provides information on musical events.

19. Mixmag

The Mixmag is a veteran in the music field. It is a pioneer in the dance scene as it covered activities of the dance clubs of the 80s. The site has evolved from a small newsletter site to one of the biggest music databases on the internet.

Mixmag offers information on upcoming events and sells tickets to concerts and festivals. The site offers news, videos, and musical content, as well as features.

20. Music Ninja

Music Ninja is a blog that prides itself on discovering good songs before other music outlets do. The site is open for submissions from artists and Blas Yaselli, the site owner, is said to listen to all singles submitted by upcoming artists. So, it is a place to stay glued to if you're looking to make it into the space of dance music.

The site has recently stretched its tentacles info the podcast, Music Ninja, which transmits live from San Francisco.

The site features events, publish interviews, and has a section known as the Resident Artist of the Month. On Music Ninja, you can explore music genres and subgenres such as electronic dance, indie/rock, acoustic/folk, and hip hop.

Best EDM Blogs, Final Words

Electronic dance music works as energy for many people and if you will like to have unadulterated news and electronic dance content regularly, the EDM blogs that appear on this list are great platforms to fuel your passion.

They are great for upcoming artists, EDM music bloggers, agencies, promoters, and enthusiasts.

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