The Best Synth VST – 5 Underrated VSTs for Your DAW

Looking for the best synth VST for music production? You’re in the right place – we’ll help you zoom-in on the top VSTs for your favorite DAW.

If you are a music producer, you certainly need a synth VST for your music production.

Now, there are hundreds of synth VSTs on the market right now, which can make it hard to choose the best model. If you need a hand with choosing, we’re right here for you.

In this post, we will consider some of the best synth VST that you can use right now. We have included links to each of these options so it should be pretty easy for you to find them on the market.

5 Under-the-Radar VSTs

Everyone knows about Massive and Serum.

But there are also plenty of other equally capable VSTs that can help you create magical new sounds.

In the list below, we’ve focused on 5 such VSTs. These will not only help you create great sounds, their rather off-the-norm approach can even unlock some new creative energies:

1. u-he Diva

The first item on the list of the best synth VSTs is the u-he Diva. Using the Diva is a breeze and will help you to know that the gap between the sound quality of hardware and software synths is pretty small. This is an excellent option that offers some of the best quality you will ever come across in your career as a music producer.

Diva is known for several things, but as a virtual analog synth, it recreates the way hardware analog synths work. However, instead of being in a physical form, it exists in the digital world.

Unlike digital synths, analog synths are revered for the impeccable warmth in their tone, and if that is what you are looking for, then you certainly cannot go wrong with this model. More than any other synth VST that we have reviewed, this option gives you the best and more authentic analog feel.

One of the best things about this particular synth VST is that it isn’t made with just one analog synth in mind. On the other hand, it is designed after some of the classics of the industry like the Roland Juno-60 and Korg MS-20. Therefore, you will discover that it comes with the typical features found in such models as filters, envelopes, and oscillators. However, it is diverse enough to retain its identity and doesn’t completely copy any of these classical models.

As a subtractive synth, the Diva VST is one of the easiest to use. The layout is pretty straightforward, and although synths are generally hard to use, especially for the inexperienced, this model does one of the best jobs at simplifying things for all users.

The sound performance is also one of the best things about this plugin. It sounds incredible and you’ll likely never look elsewhere once you try this model. It gives you a thoroughly authentic analog sound.

The only downside that we observed with this model is that the CPU isn’t as powerful as others. It uses a lot of power, and if you have an older computer, you might have to look for a faster, more powerful model.

Other than that, though, there isn’t much to complain about. It is an excellent option that is easy to use and the powerful sound engine is the stuff of dreams.


2. Plugin Boutique – Carbon Electra

As a music producer, we believe that Plugin Boutique is one software provider that you are conversant with. Well, on this list of the best synth VSTs, we raise you Plugin Boutiques’ very own ST synth plugin. This is a very interesting option and is one of the most beloved by music producers everywhere. It is highly recommended by some of the most reliable and biggest names in the industry, and all of this at an affordable and very attractive price.

When using Carbon Electra, one thing that will keep running through your mind is ” How is this so simple to use?”. What contributes to the overall simplicity of this model?

Well, first of all, the interface and layout are pretty simple. It is composed of a screen and doesn’t suffer the complications of menus and multiple pages. Right from your first use, it is clear that this is an excellent model that will give you plenty to work with. Thus, if you are a beginner, you’d love the comprehensive, yet simple nature of this VST synth.

It offers up to four oscillators that can be put through the Mixer to generate whatever sounds that you desire. It offers you up to five filters and a trio of LFOs. One of the best things about these sections is that it gives you real-time displays. Therefore, you can see whatever is happening n the form of waveforms. Overall, the design is simple and intuitive to use.

Sound performance is impeccable on this model. It sounds very good and offers you a warm sound that is something many producers would certainly enjoy using. You get over 600 presets to play with as well.

Overall, we love the simplicity of Carbon Electra.


3. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

The Omnisphere is the major synth of Spectrosonics, which is renowned for the large amount of power and versatility offered. It is a VST geared towards experts and elites, which is seen in the price tag. With this sunth, you will get inspired to make the best music that you can. It is an award winning software that comes with a variety of synths that will give you near-limitless possibilities when it comes to creativity.

The plugin offers users a hardware synth integration, which is unique in the industry. simplicity is the hallmark of this VST synth. We live in a world where almost every other synth VST strives to outdo the other in terms of functionalities and features – many of which are obscurely placed in the layout.

Well, that isn’t so with this model, and it is quite refreshing to see a VST plugin with the aim being simplicity. Although this is a very simple option to use, it remains quite powerful and is one of the most powerful options on the market.

One of the best things we love about the VST is the semi-modular design. This design means that you can swap out, mix, and match the parts like the envelopes and filters. This ability makes a difference by giving you a unique sound.


4. Kv331 Audio Synthmaster

The Kv331 Audio Synthmaster definitely lives up to its name. It is geared towards professionals and as such offers mastery over almost every other synth that you might think about.

The synth VST feels like a combination of the best software synths on the market. Many users have recommended it and you can rest assured of the nice sound that this very powerful synth will give you. The Diva and Serum models reviewed above offer several similarities, however, the Kv331 Audio Synthmaster beats them in terms of price. It is simply much more affordable while offering similar features.

We certainly cannot cover all the features of this synth VST in this roundup, but we will certainly do our best to show you why this is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. This VST synth offers you loads of depth, and plenty of features limited only by your imagination. The interface is pretty simple and is divided into different sections.

At first glance it might appear that this is a rather complicated synth, however, once used, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and intuitive design of the layout. It is semi-modular, which implies that you can switch all parts and mix them as well.

The design has buttons for navigation at the top left and the basic offer gives you an impressive 1000 presets to fiddle with. Despite the sheer number, they are all arranged nicely and are easy to locate when needed. Due to the design of this model, sounds are grouped so you can find the sounds that you require without plenty of fuss.

Under the presets are the knobs to creating shortcuts. Therefore, you can decide the parameters to want and assign these to any of the knobs. From the reviews from users and testing, these presets sound impressive and will;l give a nice flavor to your overall sound.

Overall, the Kv331 Audio Synthmaster is a powerful plugin that will give you almost everything you want. The only possible downside here is that it might seem overwhelming, especially for beginners.


5. u-he Hive

This VST synth is eerily similar to the Sylenth 1( which is an excellent synth), but it comes with several features that make it the superior option. It looks great and will deliver some of the best performances that any music producer might be looking for.

The Hive comes with a design and functionalities that are modern and straight to the point. The synth offers you a pair of oscillators as well. If you are looking to create dance music, then you cannot go wrong with this unit. It offers a modern look and feels that evokes the Carbon Electra which we have earlier discussed in this round-up.

Just like the Carbon Electra, this unit offers simplicity that is simply unbelievable. You will have your introduction to the synth as a single page on a screen. Unlike the Carbon, though, this time there are menus that appear the more you use the synth.

Everything is simple on this unit with the center, left, and right of the page with clearly delineated functions. The oscillators also boast of sub oscillators, which helps to boost the overall appeal and functionality of the synth.

Sound performance is similarly impressive. From the overall performance, this synth will handle electronic music genres with aplomb. Another exciting thing about this synth is the presence of a trio of Engine Characters. Each of these is made to help change how envelopes and filters feel and help in customizing your sound as well.

Overall, the –u-he Hive offers excellent simplicity and sound performance unbeatable by almost any other VST synth on the market.

Final Words

As a music producer, we realize how difficult it can be to find good help, especially in terms of VST synths. Well, the 5 options that we have considered here are the best synth VST for music producers.

Header image credit: Jessica Oliviera on Unsplash

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