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Never Buy Bad Gear Again

We test drive the latest gear, courses, plugins and samples for electronic music producers, so you never have to waste money on poor purchases again

What We Do

Buying Guides

We create in-depth buying guides for must-have equipment for every music producer - synths, headphones, keyboards, and more. So you never spend another $500 on crappy equipment.


We review the latest music production courses, samples, plugins and services so you never have to spend money on a plugin you don't need and a course that doesn't live up to its promise.

Original Research

It's not just business; we also do a number of original research, including fun studies, data analysis and resource compilations to give you better insight into music production.

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About the Author

Ryan Harrell is a 28 year-old part-time DJ and full-time music producer working primarily in electronic genres with a focus on drum & bass, future hop and chillhop. Ryan has been making music since he was 14 and held a decade long career as a club performer in Atlanta, Buffalo, San Jose and San Diego. He is now a freelance producer helping artists brings their sounds to life.

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