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Q. What is this website about?

MIDINation is a platform for musicians to discover the best music gear, find music production tips, and learn the ins-and-outs of music marketing. Our initial focus is on comparing and reviewing music gear, but as the platform grows, we'll cover everything from Music Production 101 to the subtle art of creating a music brand.

Q. Who runs this website?

MIDINation is owned and operated by Ryan Harrell, a producer, recording engineer, and DJ. We also invite contributions from other experienced producers, engineers, and artists. Our music comparison and review articles are typically the result of collaboration with multiple experts.

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Q. How do you make money?

MIDINation makes money through a process called “affiliate marketing”. When you buy a product linked on MIDINation, we get a small commission from the retailer (Amazon). The price remains the same for you, regardless of whether you buy through our link or not.

Since we want to make sure you get the best possible deal, we only work with retailers we know and trust, such as Amazon.

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Q. How accurate is the information on MIDINation?

We strive to make MIDINation as accurate and updated as possible, but the world of music tech moves fast and we might miss some product updates at times. In case you find something that's incorrect or inaccurate, please get in touch with us using the contact form above – we'd really appreciate it!

You can also read our content update policy here.

Q. Do you store my private information?

MIDINation does not explicitly ask for or store any private information without your consent. If we do ask for your email address or name to deliver a guide or document, we make sure to explicitly inform you first.

However, some of the website analytics tools we use and advertisers we work with might use cookies to understand your behavior. This information is completely anonymized. Our analytics tool, for instance, can track what pages you opened on this site, but not who you are. Needless to say, we never store your private information.

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Q. Where should I go from here?

Check out our blog, especially our highly popular list of music blogs to submit your music to. Our annual comparison of top musicians vs average salaries is also very popular – here's 2018's report.

If you want to see all our articles in one place, check out this page.