Content Update Policy

This page details the policy we use with respect to updating the content, making edits, or adding/removing reviewed products. Refer to it in case you revisit a bookmarked page and don't find what you're looking for, or need clarity on how and when we add/remove new products.

We review all our published pages at a gap of six months from the publishing date. Thus, if a post was published on Jan 1, 2019, we will review it on June 30, 2019.

In addition to regular 6-month reviews, we also revisit relevant pages on the following occasions:

  • There is a major industry event with lots of announcements, such as NAMM
  • There is a major crisis, bug or recall regarding a product
  • We're notified that a recommended product has been pulled from the market

For some popular pages with rapid product development or launches, we might review the information every three months instead of six.

What do we look for when we review pages?

Here is a brief primer:

  • Is the product information accurate or not?
  • Is there a new version of this product available on the market?
  • Have there been any major known issues or concerns regarding this product's performance or availability since the time of the article?
  • Is the product currently available to buy for average consumers (i.e. is it available on Amazon, Sweetwater, Reverb, etc.)
  • Is the pricing information accurate? Does the product pricing still fit into its target category?
  • Are there new products in the category that deserve a spot on our “best-of” lists?
  • Are the buying guides accurate and up-to-date?

In general, we try to keep our pages as updated and relevant as possible. We don't always succeed, of course, which is why we encourage you to send us tips or alerts for outdated product recommendations, inconsistent information, and other faults.

Use the above linked contact form to share any questions, comments, or doubts about this page.

– Team MIDINation