Massive List of 70+ Open Source Music Production Tools

Making music is expensive. The hardware is expensive enough, but buying all the software you need can round up to thousands of dollars. A single license for a leading DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Ableton Live can run up to $750.

But music production software doesn’t have to be so expensive.

In fact, if you take the Open Source Software (OSS) route, you can get cutting-edge music making tools for $0.

Finding all the right tools, however, is a challenge. A lot of existing OSS lists are outdated – some of these tools haven’t been updated since 2004. Most existing articles aren’t comprehensive enough.

Which is why I spent the last two days putting together the single most comprehensive list of current and available open source music production tools. …

What Equipment Do the World’s Top Music Producers Use?

When I first started my production career, I would obsess over what equipment my favorite producers were using.

I reckoned that if I could get my hands on the same equipment as them, maybe I too could sound like Moby or Tiesto. 

(Little did I know then that the only way to sound like my favorite producers was good 'ol hard work and talent.)

That early obsession, however, turned into a fascination with producers and the equipment they use. I've been tracking what headphones, keyboards, production software, synths, and monitors my favorite producers use.

That's exactly what I'm going to share in this post.

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