Earphones Reviews

Earphones are among the toughest audio gear to shop for. They cover a vast price range, starting at under $10 and going all the way to several hundred dollars for audiophile gear.

Because they cover such a huge price range, there is tremendous competition in this category. There are offerings from cheap Chinese manufacturers, mid-range startups, and audio gear mainstays like Sennheiser and Sony. They all seem to boast the same features and reviews aren’t always helpful in figuring out what’s right for you. Unless you have the patience and the means to test hundreds of earphones, you can easily end up with a bad purchase.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled all our reviews and buying guides for earphones on this page. Here, you can find earphones by price range, by use, and by type. Use this to find the earphones that are perfect for your needs.

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Our list of the bear earbuds under $50. Covers everything from throwaway $10 Chinese makes to studio-grade monitoring earphones.