VST Plugins

Best Free VST Synth Plugins

25 Best Free VST Synth Plugins 2022 – Create Pro Sounds

If you’re going to be making music in any capacity, you simply can’t do without synths.

You can use them for effects, atmosphere, color, texture, melody, soaring leads, and more. They can play a supporting role, or they can be the main instrument in your tracks. It’s up to you.

VST synths are incredibly popular, and there are more free synths available than you might even think.

In this guide, we look at the best free VST synth plugins you can use to create pro quality sounds.

Best Free Music Production Software

Best Free Music Production Software 2022, Producers Can’t Be Without These!

It’s no secret that music producers require a lot of tools to get their work done.

Some do their work entirely “inside the box.” Some rely primarily on hardware and analog gear. Most producers these days mix and match.

There isn’t a right or wrong, it’s more a matter of what works for you. The more practiced and knowledgeable you are (relative to your gear), the more likely you’ll able to make amazing music with your rig.

But whether you’re looking to get started in sound engineering or augment your supply of music production software, you’ll be happy to know we’ve compiled plenty of free tools you’re going to love. So let’s get into our list of the best free music production software.

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