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In the meantime, if you want to know more about MIDINation, read this section below:


What is MIDINation?

MIDINation is a platform for musicians, producers, and engineers to:

  • Find unbiased gear comparisons and reviews
  • Discover music production tricks and techniques
  • Learn how to market your music better, including brand design, email marketing, and social media marketing
  • Read insightful articles on everything from music income comparisons to lists of music blogs


Who runs MIDINation?

MIDINation is operated by Ryan Harrell, who also acts as its editor-in-chief. Ryan is a marketing professional by day, a producer, recording engineer, and sometimes, even a DJ, by night.

Ryan's favorite DAW is Ableton, his favorite set of music gear is his vintage 1977 Fender Stratocaster Natural, and his favorite activity is writing about himself in third person 🙂

You can read more about this website, its mission, and its founder here.


What else should I know?

Comparison and review sites such as MIDINation inevitably bring up a question: how do you make money?

The first thing you should know is that: MIDINation does not accept sponsored posts in exchange for reviews

We've turned down multiple offers for sponsored reviews and even have the emails to prove it.

Seriously, I get emails like this every single week:

It would be easy for me to make money off sponsored posts, but that would mean that I'm somewhat compelled to give positive reviews.

There's nothing wrong with sponsored posts – plenty of people I know make good money while remaining objective with sponsored posts.

But I can't help but feel that it undermines the reader's trust in some way.

Which is why MIDINation makes money through affiliate marketing.

Essentially, every time you buy a product from Amazon or any other retailer link on our website, we get a small commission. This commission does not affect your price – you would pay the same regardless of whether you used our link or not.

This affiliate model allows us to be objective while still keeping the lights on. We don't make more money if we recommend Product B over Product A – our commission percentage remains the same. We have no incentive to not be objective.

I believe this makes us better reviewers, and, for you, a more honest source of information.

You can read more about our earnings process here.